Week 2

My second week at DSL was a little less on movement but more on foused on text.

We had several radio classes where we had to prepare a narration piece and was recorded.

I picked the tale of Mr Tod from Beatrix Potter. My went ok but was told that i needed work on my diction..i knew that was coming!

One of my faviourte classes this week was Stagecraft. We praticsed a technique called “Ortho-Bionomy” on our fellow students. We let other students Hug us and giving them our body weight. They would then rub tension parts within the back, neck and waist areas. This would rlease musclar tension and strighten things out.


In singing this week i sang “Danny Boy” by Frederic Weatherly, and rest of the class were also fantastic and some great voices!

We had double movement classes where we completed our Flamco dance and also double Physical Theatre where we used techniques to let the body lead rather then our minds.