Term 1 Complete

On Thursday we completed the term with presenting our Speeches and songs to our entire year. I performed a monologue from “Harold Pinter’s, Caretaker” and my song was “In The Bleak Midwinter”. (For the Christmas occasion).

We were then delighted to see Santa had arrived early and had Christmas presents. Friday evening consisted on Alcohol, 60 Hyper Drama Students, Good Music  and lots of music. We also had a BBQ which was particuarly strange at 9pm in the cold! (But Tasty)




The first term was particularly hard for me. Some technical points that i’ve been told to work on over Christmas. Diction, RP, Mouth release work, learning of phonetic vowels, keeping up the swimming and Yoga. We also start back with our First Scene Class which we will perform to the school in February. So i have a nice script to work on over christmas – Its going to be a busy time.