My first week at Drama School

After a long first week I’ve managed to find some time to update my blog.
In a nut shell, it’s been very hard work but I’ve loved it!

On Monday morning we started at the Questors Theatre branch at 10.30 am with a greeting from the staff at DSL including Peter Craze the Principle. The afternoon was lessons, Speech and Stagecraft, a general intro into what questions to ask your character and the Kinaesphere, some jaw and mouth homework. That evening we had a lovely drink with the staff and 1 year and second year 2 students.

Each day is spilt into 4 lessons of 90 minutes each lesson, the day usually starts at 9.30 and finishes at 5.15.

The rest of the week consisted of many 1st lessons including, Scene Work, Yoga, Voice, Movement, Singing, Physical Theatre, Acting, Radio, Theatre History, Stage Craft and Storytelling.

I had my first ever experience of Yoga – ouch! And we have been told to do 80 minutes of Yoga exercises each week as homework – have reached 70 minutes as I write.

Illona Linthawate took us for Storytelling. We had to tell a story to a class friend and our class friend had to tell the story to the group and to make it was interesting as possible.

Vince is taking our Scene Work classes and we have started work on a contemporary play called Bollocks by the playwright Lee Hall.

Keith O’Brien is taking our Movement Classes. He is quite strict but I’m guessing all movement coaches are. The first couple of classes were made up of different warm-up routines and Ballroom and Flamenco dancing.









Roll on week 2….don’t forget my fund raising page is still open at