Off to Drama School

In 2010 / 2011 I auditioned at several NCDT drama schools and have secured a place at Drama Studio London in Ealing, London.


drama studio london


Here is a bit about DSL:

Drama STUDIO London, train students to be actors. They train them with the right techniques and tools to do the job. The school’s tutors have all worked professionally in the industry in some way or another. Their alumni includes Gerald Home (Starwars), Forest Whitaker (Last King Of Scotland, Panic Room), Nadine Lewington (Casualty, Family Affairs) and many more.

To go to Drama STUDIO London, the fees for the 1st year are £9,300 and £8,988 for the 2nd year. I have applied for various bursaries / trusts and asked business to financially help out.

You may be asking, why does he want to go to drama school?

Since ever working part time as an actor/supporting artist I’ve had an urge to know more about acting.

After completing several part time workshops with companies Act Up and City Lit, going to theatre every month and watching TV differently. I have now learnt that acting is not just about learning lines.

If I want to work professional (paid), the proper training path for me to now take is Drama School.

Those that know me, know that I’m not the type of person to ask for anything. However for me to train properly and not worry about funds, I need as much help as possible. If you are able to donate a lot or just £5, Thank you.

Checkout the fund raising website at